This is my beginning at formally commenting on events and issues in and around Elkhart Indiana. Local media have their own agenda, and this is a chance to advance mine.

I’m a libertarian, very often aligning with the Republican party, but not always. I find that the local newspaper, the Elkhart Truth (or The Truth, as it is now called) has too often become a vehicle for a liberal/progressive agenda (I’m speaking mainly of the editorial page, but their news judgement reflects this as well), and I feel that The Truth fails to pursue some issues when digging deeper is the right thing to do.

It’s not my goal, however, to simply be a critic of The Truth. I also want to report, retort and present a point of view for its own sake. A point of view not reflected in most local media outlets.

Enough explanation. This blog will evolve, certainly, and I hope it gets some readership.