Dick Morris, former Bill Clinton advisor, reports extreme slippage in Hillary Clinton’s popularity.

According to the Gallup poll, most Americans don’t like Hillary Clinton and the number of people who view her negatively has been steadily increasing ever since she announced her candidacy for President in January.

Hillary isn’t wearing well. It seems as if the more people see her, the less they like her. Now, for the first time, her low likability levels are costing her votes, as Democratic party voters are abandoning her to support Barack Obama.

Obama may or may not be a great alternative for the Democrats, but the data does indicate the Democratic nomination won’t be a coronation of Hillary. My prediction: the long knives are going to come out from the Clinton camp fairly soon. As Morris says, she can’t alter her personality any more than she has (even though that’s one of the things that is hurting her). So, I expect the tactic will be to destroy the competition, because where there’s a choice, she isn’t it.