I finally got back to see another Express basketball game last night. As The Elkhart Truth reports, it had its ups and downs.

In the first few minutes, it seemed like Coleco Buie couldn’t do anything right, attempting a number of three-point shots which only led to a Seattle Mountaineers possession. But they got their act together and pretty much took control of the game until the fourth quarter when things fell apart again. Winning in overtime, though, the Express made it an evening well worth the admission price.

Buie, who hit stride and scored high last nigh, and Tim Pledger, the shortest guy on the team, but with energy enough for two players, are great fun to watch. And IBL rules make the play move faster, so Express games always have plenty of action.

My only disappointment is in the size of the crowds. Last night’s crowd numbered about 2100 fans, which is about average (opening night was much larger). It’s a good-size crowd, but nothing like the filled-to-the-rafters days of Elkhart High School b-ball.

The South Bend Tribune had its own take on the game, giving major (deserved) credit to the Express’ Jarrod Lovette.