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Elkhart’s new mayor

Congrats to Dick Moore, new Mayor-elect of Elkhart. While the Truth leads its opinion page with an inane piece about how the incoming and outgoing administrations need to play nice, (how old ARE the editorial page writers, anyway?), I think the city is feeling a little relieved about the whole outcome.

Both Pettit and Moore are capable guys, and either one on balance would be a stronger, better mayor than their predecessor, for different reasons. The relief the town feels is that, at least for a while, Elkhart has a mayor that understands how to get the basic jobs done for the citizens and isn’t here to improve our morals and personalities. Moore will be a city manager, not a self-styled visionary. For all his good intentions, outgoing Mayor Dave Miller’s strength wasn’t in actually running an organization. His personal philosophies kept him focused on the city’s “character” and “virtues,” things politicians rarely have much control over.

So again, congratulations to Mr. Moore — a longtime city employee and good manager — a guy who will bring city government back down to earth and, for a while at least, won’t try to impose lofty ideals in place of efficient running of the city.

eTruth story is here.

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