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Elkhart Review Podcast Debut

The inaugural episode of Elkhart Review Podcast is up and available via iTunes, Podcast Ready, Yahoo Podcasts and Blubrry.

Or, you can listen to it directly from the website. First time out, we talk about the smoking ban, the aftermath and what to expect. We visit Bolt’s, a local tavern, where the regulars give us their two cents worth on the issue as well.

Ultimately, the setup for feeds, etc., was simpler than we expected it to be. The podcast had actually been up, with something of a “test” first episode, but we’ve since moved to the elkhartreview.com domain and switched over to WordPress for the Review and the Review’s podcast sites. The PodPress plug-in for WordPress pretty much worked as advertised and now that we’ve done this once, it will go very smoothly for future episodes.


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