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Ivy Tech is not just a city resource

Etruth reports today that Mayor Dick Moore and Arvis Dawson of his administration met with Ivy Tech President Thomas Snyder to try to sway the state community college to build its new Elkhart location within the city limits, instead of in the burgeoning County Road 17 corridor as planned. The short answer to this query is “not bloody likely.”

The location being suggested by the city is along Elkhart Ave where Elkhart Foundry was formerly located. This location is significantly smaller than the CR. 17 spot, and so is inadequate for the needs of the college. Ivy Tech is cramped in its current location, and it doesn’t appear to us that the downtown spot would add much, nor would it allow for future expansion.

Contrary to Moore’s comment that the CR 17 location is too far away from those who need Ivy Tech, it’s actually more easily accessible from both Elkhart and Goshen than the current location is, and much more so than the city’s proposed spot. Ivy Tech currently serves a large number of Goshen Students who would have faster access via CR 17 than they do now. Currently, some Ivy Tech classes are held in Goshen High School in the evening, but this situation isn’t ideal. Locating along CR 17 would mean that all classes could meet where they have the full resources of the college available in the same building.

Moore touts such city advantages as proximity to the IUSB Elkhart Center, as well as the Riverwalk WiFi (which hasn’t worked properly for at least two weeks according to Elkhart Review’s experience). Neither of these is a huge drawing card for a community college offering more in the way of hands-on vocational training than IUSB does. WiFi, even if it does work, is superfluous for Ivy Tech, which would have its own high speed access anyway.

Our vote is for Ivy Tech to stay on the current plan, and continue working with the county as it has all along. Ivy Tech/Elkhart serves the entire county, and should locate itself where it can do so most effectively.

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