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Truth still misses the point on smoking ban

Yesterday the Truth editorial page commented that we now need to let the smoking ban – even the Truth calls it this, instead of the newspeak “clean air ordinance” – start to “work.” Once again erroneously assuming there’s no argument about the health issues involved, the Truth goes on to say that some businesses, notably the Cock-a-Doodle Cafe, are actually experiencing increased business since they went smoke-free a couple weeks ahead of the ban’s deadline.

Well, hooray, huzzah and drinks all around!

Once again, the Truth misses the point, while proving another one. The main point, that government ultimately had no business whatsoever in imposing this rule, is completely wasted on the Truth editorial page gurus. The second point, the one they prove, is that the market can ultimately solve the problem to the satisfaction of all.

Why didn’t the council just go with a “full disclosure” campaign that would encourage businesses to be up front about their smoke/smoke-free status? Customers could make their choices and not be “surprised” by cigarette smoke wafting over from another table. But no, we have to use force. And that’s the sad part.

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