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The bad guys are the ones “fixing” this crisis.

Ron Paul gets it right on this financial crisis.  A couple salient quotes:

The claim that the market caused all this is so staggeringly foolish that only politicians and the media could pretend to believe it. But that has become the conventional wisdom, with the desired result that those responsible for the credit bubble and its predictable consequences – predictable, that is, to those who understand sound, Austrian economics – are being let off the hook. The Federal Reserve System is actually positioning itself as the savior, rather than the culprit, in this mess!

The issue boils down to this: do we care about freedom? Do we care about responsibility and accountability? Do we care that our government and media have been bought and paid for? Do we care that average Americans are about to be looted in order to subsidize the fattest of cats on Wall Street and in government?

The sad fact is that it’s apparent the pols involved in this bailout do not know what to do, except cover their collective A**es.  They’ve already gotten the word that round one was a no-go with the voters, and for good reason.  BUT WHY DID THEY EVEN PROPOSE IT?  Because they figured we weren’t smart enough to see through it.

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