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Do we really need a full-time noise cop?

Recently, the Elkhart City Council tightened up its noise ordinance — I won’t go into the technical details but it’s basically a less tolerant standard.  Noise ordinances are fairly common, and yeah, at some level, noise that can be controlled, should be.  But I think when it comes to enforcement, it should probably be on a per-complaint basis.  Instead, the city administration apparently has a police officer now on staff to enforce the ordinance full time.

My first reaction to this news was to say “Wait a minute.  Didn’t the mayor say the city won’t have money for a number of services since tax revenues are down, we don’t get as much from the state, and yadayadayada?  But we have the money for THIS?”

The Elkhart Truth indicated this is part of the Mayor’s effort to make Elkhart a more “livable” city.  Just like the smoking ban.  (Thanks Dad, I needed that.  I didn’t know I was making Elkhart unlivable.)

If the city is in a budget crunch (and it really is), it seems to be a far better use of our P.D. to have the cop currently on Hey-you-kids-turn-down-that-damn-music duty moved to something more productive such as catching real criminals, of which we have plenty.  And while we’re at it, can we stop with the “Click it or Ticket” campaign?  Making the cops our nannies is not good law enforcement and a waste of limited funds.

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