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Voting woes

Phrases you DON’T want to hear during early voting —

  1. “You moved the ballot box. It was over there yesterday!”
  2. “I drove all day to get here.”
  3. “I left my ID at the hotel.”
  4. “Meet my parole officer.”
  5. “What a coincidence! You have three twins, too!”
  6. “Can you give me directions to Precinct six now?”
  7. “Why cant I bring my gun in?”
  8. “Can my baby vote?”
  9. “What, no pitbulls allowed in the voting area ?”
  10. “They let my son into R rated movies.  What’s the diff?”
  11. “Once we’re citizens, we’ll get better IDs.”
  12. “Where do I sign up for the free house?”
  13. “See you tomorrow!”
  14. “Got any more carbon paper?”
  15. “That’s one for McCain, three for Barack.”

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