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Jerks on parade

We’re not sure who’s the bigger jackass: NY Governor David Paterson for proposing the tax on sugar soft drinks or this guy, NY State Health Commissioner Richard Daines, who is defending it.  What Daines doesn’t get is that, even if the points he makes are 100 percent true (and we have no reason to believe they’re not), it’s not the government’s job to tax Coke Classic and Sprite to discourage their use. This is utterly despicable, and simply proves that the mindset of all bureacracies is to control every aspect of our lives. Another article on this mindless government drone appears here.

We could add this obesity tax to our mounting pile of evidence for the ever-growing police state, but since it’s not law yet, we can’t. But just you wait, you drinkers of high-test Dr. Pepper, because we’re gonna get you, one way or another.

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