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Open Letter to Representative Joe Donnelly

Dear Rep. Donnelly:

A few weeks ago, you spoke to a local service club where I was in attendance. You spoke about the state of the economy and the reasons why you voted in favor of the $700 billion TARP bill, and in particular, about the need to increase our manufacturing base and investment here at home, and to stop sending jobs overseas.

Following your remarks I asked you why reduction (or elimination) of corporate income taxes and capital gains taxes are not even on the table in congress. Surely, I said, these would provide a great deal of incentive for investment here at home and reduce business costs to the point that more jobs could stay here or even return here. Your answer was that President-elect Obama “has no plans to raise taxes” at this time.

Not good enough, Joe. You didn’t answer my question, which was about LOWERING taxes, not simply holding them steady. I’m assuming the answer is that no one in congress is really interested a solution that might actually work, instead of bailouts which are already looking pretty questionable. Do you actually believe lower taxes on the companies most of us work for would NOT be beneficial?

I have a few other questions for you in these uncertain economic times, such as:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac essentially did what Ken Lay of Enron went to jail for, i.e.,cooking the books to make themselves look more profitable. Why then, are Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, the chairmen of the House and Senate Finance Commitees, who covered up Fannie and Freddie’s situation, not on the way to the slammer themselves? Why are Barney and Chris involved in “fixing” the banking and credit crisis they themselves caused?

Who, specifically, in the House or Senate has expertise in the design, manufacture and marketing of automobiles that qualifies them to dictate what kinds of cars should be built?

Do you believe the issue of man-made climate change is “settled” and that the issue should be used to affect public policy and curtail our freedoms? Why?

If government is not raising taxes, yet is spending at least a trillion extra bucks on bailouts, where specifically, do you believe we should cut the federal budget? FOLLOW-UP: If the federal budget ISN’T cut, what will prevent hyper-inflation, since the only alternative seems to be to just print more currency to pay the bills?

Why should we trust a bunch of lawyers to re-configure our health care system, which is 1/7th of the country’s economy, and by the way, the best health care system in the world, despite what critics say? Should Ted Kennedy really be personally creating an all-new health system?  Shouldn’t you speak up about this?

If you could please answer these questions, I would be grateful. And I have more where these came from.

David Dufour
Elkhart, Indiana

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