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The best economic stimulus is to cut taxes.

Joe Donnelly

Joe Donnelly

Joe Donnelly’s call for tax cuts for the middle class is fine, but why not cuts for all, such as the people and companies the middle class works for? Public works projects, while they may be helpful, are not market-driven and are prone to corrupt management. Reduction in capital gains and corporate income taxes would keep jobs in the US, spur investment here, and keep and GROW the job market. Why is this so hard for the left to understand?

clipped from www.etruth.com
Donnelly calls on Obama to consider Elkhart for economic stimulus
U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama today, urging him to use economic stimulus money to aid areas hit hardest by the recession.
Donnelly suggests in the letter that Obama should use an allocation formula for the stimulus aid that considers an area’s unemployment and foreclosure rates, as well as the loss of tax base and municipal revenue shortfalls.
He also calls for Obama to grant tax relief to middle-income families.
“The American people demand non-partisan, thoughtful, and pragmatic leadership,” Donnelly wrote, “and they deserve a swift and effective response from Washington to the economic crisis.”

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