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The weasel keeps weaseling

Schumer’s thirst for publicity probably dealt the death blow to Pasadena’s IndyMac Bank, despite his protestations to the contrary. The more we can hold this low-life slug’s feet to the fire, the better. Schumer is one of the bigger liars in congress, and should be exposed. That New Yorkers keep electing him is shameful.
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Sen. Chuck Schumer today went on another counterattack against federal banking regulators who’ve blamed him for helping cause the failure of IndyMac Bank.

On Friday, regulators specifically fingered Schumer for IndyMac’s failure. The Office of Thrift Supervision said in its statement announcing the seizure that “the immediate cause of the closing was a deposit run that began and continued” after Schumer went public with his concerns.

Schumer’s decision to go public with those comments ignited a firestorm in Washington. Regulators on July 2 said he was contributing to “rumors and innuendo” about the bank that could hasten its demise.

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