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Is pushing Burris out really the right thing?

Coasis comments on the rising pressure to get Roland Burris, to resign. The issue is, did he commit perjury during the impeachment trial of the now disgraced former governor of Illinois. Maybe, and that answer will come soon enough.

But the groundswell of opinions from both sides of the Senate aisle for Burris to resign is a bit troubling. Yes it appears Burris is a dishonest guy. Any more dishonest than Chuck Schumer? Pat Leahy? Christopher Dodd? We’re not excusing any of these senators’ behavior, but we’re also uncomfortable with a congress that wants to use pressure to circumvent processes such as elections and legitimate appointments by governors. Blago was not convicted at the time he appointed Burris, and thus, the appointment is certainly correct and constitutional. If it is proven that Burris promised a quid pro quo for the senate seat he now holds, and/or perjured himself, then let the chips fall where they may. But right now, he’s a legit senator and his colleauges in the senate should follow procedures, not exert political pressure.

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