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Pelosi’s bid to save newspapers applies to media “fairness” as well.

Spurred by the possible closing of the San Francisco Chronicle, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has asked the US Justice Department to “take a broader view” of media competition in the bay area as it considers possible mergers and acquisitions that might save the ailing paper.  Full story is here.

As the Chroncle’s website reports:

In the carefully worded letter, Pelosi urged the Justice Department to take a broader view of media competition in the Bay Area. Rather than seeing The Chronicle’s main competitors as other newspapers, she urged the department to consider television and Internet media sources and online advertising outlets as competitors as part of any future antitrust review.

Interestingly, one “competitor” is glaringly missing: radio.  If it were included, it would be an admission that the current explosion of media all but obliterates the concept of limited channels that is one of the main arguments for reviving the fairness doctrine.  If the competitive media environment is so open that anti-trust considerations should be loosened, surely it’s open enough to obviate the need for content rules on AM radio.

But no, the hypocrisy of Pelosi is clear, and to be fair, newspapers have been something of a sacred cow for over a hundred years.  But how about some consistency, Nancy?

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