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Who made Garafolo an expert?

Between Olbermann’s sophomoric dirty talk and Janeane Garofalo’s insistence that “there’s no way around” the “fact” that the tea parties are populated by stupid racist people, it’s hard to make sense of this kind of broadcasting. They’re entitled to their opinions, but not their own facts, particularly in Garafolo’s case. She makes a number of odd assertions besides charge of racism, none of which are remotely true.

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Our experience at the local tea parties was that people did not have any secret racist agenda. What they believed, they put on their signs, and none of it was racist. And, by the way, there WERE some black people at the Goshen rally — not large numbers, to be sure, but there were some, as well as hispanics.

And the anger is not solely directed at Obama in any case. The congress and even the Bush administration has been singled out (and not just by fluke speakers who happen to jump up on the stage).

Garafolo’s highly insulting discussion is not befitting one who, I guess, is supposed to be tolerant. While calling conservatives racist without cause, her own irrational prejudices leap out at us.

PS: Keith– what give you the idea that the tea parties are corporate sponsored?

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