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Cover Boy in Chief

Frank Rich in the New York Times explains something we had actually not considered about the reasons for the fawning “100 Days” coverage.

The new president is largely doing what he promised, and he is doing it with the focus, brainpower and preternaturally calm temperament that kept his campaign on track even as the political press dismissed him as a hope-mongering naif next to the supposedly far more organized and more moneyed Hillary.

That the same crowd is over the top now in its praise says more about the news business than Obama. The journalism industry is fighting for its life. Obama is the one reliable product that moves the market for newspapers, magazines and television. No wonder so many special sections, special issues and special cable marathons have alighted on the 100 Days.

via Op-Ed Columnist – Enough With the 100 Days Already – NYTimes.com.

Yup, Barack and Michelle’s sales value is mother’s milk to a readership-starved media. At least that’s one business he’s good for.

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