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CURL: Stimulus oversight left up to taxpayers – Washington Times

So who’s tracking the stimulus package? Apparently we are according to this from the Washington Times, reporting on an oversight committee hearing.

“We are, in essence, deputizing the entire American citizenry to help with the oversight of this program,” said Rep. Brad Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology’s subcommittee on investigations and oversight.”

So, too, said Earl Devaney, the ex-cop who’s now chairman of the Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board, charged with tracking the torrent of cash now pouring out of federal coffers.

“I’m going to have millions of citizens to help me,” he said, comparing run-of-the-mill Americans to inspectors general, the high-ranking officials charged with ferreting out waste and abuse in federal agencies.

“I’m going to have a million little IGs running around,” the chairman said Tuesday after his testimony before the subcommittee.

A million little IGs?  Only if we have access to information, but wait: the website that’s supposed to give us that info, recovery.gov, is “evolving” and doesn’t really provide much useful info right now.  Of course, this was all completely predictable, but instead of saying “I told you so,” we prefer to go off in a corner and laugh.  Then cry.

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