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Mark Levin’s not-so-small achievement

Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin’s luminous treatise on the constitution and the ideas that shaped this country, is currently the #1 non-fiction book in the country.  And not by just a little.  In the five weeks since its release, sales are closing in on a million copies, and the book has maintained its top position from the moment pre-ordering started.  Phenomenal.

So where’s the main stream media?  Levin has received no coverage from them.  No requests for interviews, no discussion, no buzz.  No invitations to the morning talk shows or Sunday pundit-fests.  With huge sales and long lines at book signings, Levin and his brilliant book have proven how irrelevant the so-called major media really are.  While they tout irrelevant books by Elizabeth Edwards and Cloris Leachman (nice ladies and all, but there are more important books out there), Levin’s book tops the lists.  The fact is, the buzz is all online and on talk radio, and the numbers don’t lie.

The timing, of course is perfect for a book like this.  With the most radical leftist ever elected to the presidency shaking hands with dictators and planning a statist takeover of our economy, people are hungry for a solid direction rather than poltics of expediency.

The mainstream media, who cannot seriously deny their fealty to Obama, have only three choices regarding Liberty and Tyranny, as they have had with the Tea Party movement.  Ignore it, ridicule it or portray it as dangerous and hateful.  They will not approach it on the actual merits because they cannot.  Not only are they philosophically and morally bankrupt; they are ignorant of history and economic theory.  As a result, those disgusted with MSM behavior have moved on.

Levin is a sharp-eyed historian and analyst of the constitution, and his book is a hightly readable textbook for conservatism. We won’t go into a full-fledged review of Liberty and Tyranny here, except to say that it should be on your bookshelf and in your head.

Check out Glenn Reynolds’ great interview with Levin on Pajamas TV.

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