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New Podcast — Smoking Bans & Mustaches

You can damn well trust Dave!

You can damn well trust Dave!

Elkhart Review Podcast has a new episode, this time focusing on the Elkhart Truth’s and Elkhart City Council’s endorsement of a county-wide smoking ban to “level the playing field,” or as we like to say, “spreading the oppression around equally.”

Look, we’ve been against the smoking ban from the beginning.  It is dumbfounding that a city council can prohibit a legal activity that is practiced by adults on private property, with the approval of the property owner.  But the needs of the offended class won, and the ordinance is in place.  Proponents all said it would have no negative economic impact on the businesses involved, even though many of the bars requested the one-year reprieve.  So now that has run out and all bars come under the rule as well.  An astute Truth reader asked why, if there’s no economic impact for a smoking ban, do we need to “level the playing field?”  Good question.

But the bigger question, in our view is this: when does overreaching nanny-statism end?

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