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Mr. President: Slow Down

Health care reform is being rushed through Congress for the same reason the so-called stimulus was. The left doesn’t really want to give us time to analyze the horrifying details. While there is need for some reform of health care, the problem is consistently exaggerated and is certainly not a emergency worth ramming down our throats in as little as 60 days. Especially when the details are not public, and (possibly) not likely to become so. Remember the stimulus package? The government reneged on its promise to give the public a ridiculously minimal five days to review it, because the deceptiveness and “porkiness” would reveal our representatives’ utter hypocrisy in passing it. As it was, as soon as Congress voted, the president went on a weekend vacation without signing the legislation, despite the “emergency” he had been touting just hours before.

Given that 18% of our economy hangs in the balance, not to mention our very lifestyles, wouldn’t it be wise to give the plan a little more scrutiny? The Wall Street Journal covers this in more detail this morning.

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