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STIMULUS WATCH: $25 check may cost you food stamps – Yahoo! News

AP Reports.

Under the economic recovery plan, laid-off workers have seen a $25 weekly bump in their unemployment checks as part of a broad expansion of benefits for the poor. But the law did not raise the income cap for food stamp eligibility, so the extra money has pushed some people over the limit.

Laid-off workers and state officials are only now realizing the quirk, a consequence of pushing a $787 billion, 400-page bill through Congress and into law in three weeks.

And for people hurt by the change, there’s no way around it.

As Taranto in the Wall Street Journal comments:

This is why it’s so important to give these genuises control over our health care right this second!

The broader problem here is that our tax laws (and laws in general) have become so complex, unwieldy and foolish, it is folly to expect the government, especiallythis government, with its utter lack of competence, to manage anything trickier than a two-car funeral.

And we say this with the utmost respect for two-car funeral directors.

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