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Stop Cap & Trade/Healthcare bills-writing your reps is easy #tcot

Time is short to stop the disastrous Waxman Markey bill, also known as Cap & Trade. If passed, cap & trade would drag our economy further into the toilet, all for supposed unproven “green” benefits.

Remember, the rules Congress makes rarely affect the members personally, so they are pretty much out of touch with how their decisions impact the people.  Unless we tell them.

Congress.org has a really quick easy way to write to all your federal and/or state representatives in the House, Senate and White House.  Take a few minutes and tell them you’d like to see Elkhart County’s jobs come back sometime soon, and that cap & trade is nothing more than a money and power grab based on the politicized hoax of global warming.

Get some practice in, because we’re going to need to do the same thing on the healthcare bill.

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