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Why is Canadian left pushing Obamacare?

canadian_stethoscopeThe Washington Times reports today that the leader of Canada’s far-left New Democratic Party believes the success (if you can call it that) of socialized medicine up north is dependent on the US having its own version.  Jack Layton bemoans the fact that groups like Americans for Prosperity have been running anti-Obamacare ads that point to the Canadian system as a reason to stay private.

Mr. Layton accused groups like this of “sowing the seeds of fear with myths and lies about Canadian health care” and said the futures of the two health care programs are dependent on each other in an address delivered at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

“There is no doubt that strengthening of our system in Canada will be easier with public health care in the United States,” Mr. Layton said. “

Our guess is that Mr. Layton thinks the Canadian system might get better if an equally crappy system south of the border stops Canadians crossing the border and not “supporting” their own health care, which incidentally, reached the crappy level some years ago.  We think the upshot of Obamacare would be that neither Canadian nor US healthcare would be improved; instead, most of North America will look for affordable, quality, non-rationed care overseas.  And they’ll find it.

Unfortunately, if our own mainstream media don’t start doing their job and start reporting the pros and cons of government taking over 18% percent of our economy, we’ll have a chance to test Mr. Layton’s theory.  Perhaps by the end of the summer.

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