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Why lie about climate change?

Graphic by Svilen Sushkatov - http://nname.org/

Graphic by Svilen Sushkatov - http://nname.org/

Global warming, a “crisis” which has more recently morphed into “climate change,” has emotionalists on both sides of the issue.  But it occurs to us that only one side seems bent on making the other side simply shut up.

From Al Gore’s “The debate is over,” to true believers who portray those who question the gospel as “deniers” (as in “holocaust deniers”) or “outliers,” the pressure is pretty strong to not just believe, but never question.  A cult mentality if we’ve ever seen one.

Yes, radical environmentalism is as much an article of zealous faith as any cult religion (PS: these are the same folks who insist that second-hand smoke is “just as lethal” as smoke directly inhaled from a cigarette.)

Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General, now runs the Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.  This organization has recently released a report rife with terrifying statistics and dire predictions unless all nations sign on to some kind of major action.  The Wall Street Journal today outlines how the GHF has manipulated statistics and created out-and-out falsehoods to further the cause of global environmental fearmongering.

But why should they do this if the issue is as real as they say it is? Wouldn’t the truth be enough to be convincing? Our guess is probably not; politics and the need for more research dollars are what really drive this charade. And maybe, just maybe the case isn’t as strong as the zealots want us to believe.

Questioning science is science.  If we don’t question and test assumptions, science doesn’t advance. Name-calling and shutting down the dialogue isn’t good science.  It’s pseudo science with a political agenda.

And when science becomes political, we’re all in trouble.

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