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Donnelly plans one-hour appearance in Michiana during recess #tcot

Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd

Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd

Congressman Joe Donnelly will appear August 8 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm at Martin’s on Ironwood Dr. in Mishawaka, according to his South Bend office staff. The one-hour appearance will not be a “town hall” type of meeting. Instead, it will be a more informal coffee and conversation type affair. Another appearance comes later in Plymouth.

With the scope of legislation being pushed through congress currently, it seems to us that an hour in the Elkhart/Mishawaka/South Bend area is pretty chintzy. But it may be understandible, from one perspective.  Given constituents’ anger over healthcare, cap and trade and other spending programs, it may be easier in the short run to avoid too much contact with the public. But long-term, it could be disastrous, especially if representatives vote against the majority of citizens’ wishes after being too unavailable for discussion.

We suggest that Donnelly, along with the rest of congress, slow it down a bit.

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