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Man up, Congressman Donnelly #tcot

According to Congressman Joe Donnelly’s (IN 2nd) office, he will be having a short, one hour appearance at the Mishawaka Martin’s store (Ironwood Dr.) on Saturday afternoon to meet with constituents.  He has other appearances around the district, but this is the one that is designated for South Bend, Elkhart and Mishawaka during the August recess. His office was aware of no others.

Given that congress is considering overhauling 1/7 of the American economy with its massive health care bill, this is far too little time to devote to getting input from the people.  This area deserves at least a couple of full-fledged town meetings, as do the other parts of Donnelly’s district.

Yes, some of the town meetings in other states have been contentious.  But if Mr. Donnelly can’t take the heat … you know the rest.

Patronizing constituents with one hour on a Saturday afternoon is simple audience avoidance, and it shows a level of contempt for the electorate that is becoming all too obvious in Washington lately.  Man up, Joe.

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