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Obama out of context? We think not.

Drudge flagged this on his website, and fairly soon after, the following video came out claiming that the video was taken out of context. How? Where are the edits? They’re not there.  This is a minute or so of Obama’s words uncut. Obama’s words describe his wishes, and his strategy for getting to a single-payer health plan.  No mistakes, no errors, no doubt about what he intends. It is not cobbled together, as Linda Douglass thinks we are dumb enough to believe.  To say that this is out of context is propaganda Goebbels would have admired.

In the White House video, Linda Douglass shows us excerpts from the AARP town hall in which we can only assume that Obama is lying. Not because we are biased, but because of Obama’s OWN WORDS, and because of what can be found in the House Bill itself. Linda Douglass is helping to perpetrate a huge fraud, and the President and minions continue to show their contempt for the public they thought they could fool.

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