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Oops. NY dealers pull out of clunkers program

NY dealers pull out of clunkers program.

The money quote:

clunkerMany dealers have said they are worried they won’t get repaid at all, while others have waited so long to get reimbursed they don’t have the cash to fund any more rebates, (New York Automobile Dealers Association head) Schienberg said.

“The program is a great program in the sense that it’s creating a lot of floor traffic that a lot of dealers haven’t seen in a long time,” he said.

“But it’s in the hands of this enormous bureaucracy and regulatory agency,” he added. “If they don’t get out of their own way, this program is going to be a huge failure.”

The issue, folks, is competence.  The government is not competent to run this or any other program like a real business.  If dealers go bankrupt waiting for their money, who is to blame.  The dealers for trusting the government, or the government for utter incompetence.  We don’t need this crap in healthcare.

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