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Michiana 9/12 Project

Michiana 9/12 Project has launched a new website tied into Meetup and Facebook.

The 9/12 Project is a national movement with chapters across the country, dedicated to principles of liberty, capitalism and family values.

We attended one of the group’s (overflowing) meetings at the Bristol, IN American Legion Post, and were impressed with the passion and dedication of the group, not to mention its good-naturedness in the face of the biggest assault on our freedom that has ever been tried.  We didn’t count, but the crowd numbered at least 150. There weren’t many empty chairs, in any case.

Dr. John Gaski of Notre Dame was the featured speaker for the evening.  Gaski is an economist who laid bare the fraud that runs rampant in the Obama plans for health care and other things, and reduced a number of leftist myths (almost) to laughability.  A great time was had by all, even if some of the humor borders on gallows humor.

A large contingent of the Michiana group is heading to DC to “march on Washington” on 9/12.  For information about the group, and to join, check out their website and get involved.  It’s important.

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