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Politico: Democrats pledge to press on with health care. But how?

The Politico reports on Democrat plans for health care, now that their filibuster-proof majority is done.  The pledge is to move forward and “get something passed,” but unless they can flip an Olympia Snowe or pull some kind of procedural trick, it’s hard to see how.  And it’s hard to see how they could even attempt either approach without serious political repercussions.

It seems to us the Democrats need to step back and realize that repeating how ‘important” and “needed” health care reform is, and that the reason they’re having such a difficult slog is that most Americans don’t want it.

And it’s not because they don’t understand it.  It’s because it’s an utterly terrible idea.  The bill itself has problems, but it appears to us that most Americans understand that it’s only a first step toward something they REALLY don’t want, which is a complete government takeover.  It’s not the details of the bills as much as the philosophy it represents that is problematic.  And yet, Obama adviser David Axelrod says this:

“I think that it would a terrible mistake to walk away now. If we don’t pass the bill, all we have is the stigma of a caricature that was put on it. That would be the worst result for everybody who has supported this bill.”

Yes, David, but we think it would be the best result for the United States.

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