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George Soros not satisfied with Barack Obama

George Soros, uber-creep

George Soros, uber-creep

According to this report in the Orlando Sentinel,
billionaire George Soros doesn’t feel like he got his money’s worth in supporting Barack Obama. That this international control freak, who is not even a US citizen, should financially support a presidential candidate, is bad enough.  But that the issue of his “satisfaction” should be the subject of news interview is ludicrous, and very revealing.

Zakaria on his “Fareed Zakaria GPS” this morning also noted that Soros was one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters. Zakaria asked, “Are you satisfied with the job Barack Obama has done?”

Soros said he wasn’t. Soros wanted the banks nationalized, but added that Obama “made the political decision that that is un-American, will not be accepted.”

Why is Zakaria asking this? Why does CNN give Soros any kind of attention, much less an audience?

Soros makes money speculating on currencies, and can make money when whole countries’ economies collapse, so nationalizing our banks and going for socialized medicine would certainly have been good business for him.

Most important to us, however, is that Zakaria even thought to ask about Soros’ satisfaction.  Why should this be important?  Why is this news?  CNN’s approach should be more investigative, trying to figure out what this creep is up to, rather than tossing him softballs about how happy he is with OUR president (not his.)

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