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Harry Reid’s convenient victims

Senators Reid and Durbin with their victim Gina Owens. Scurrying in to camera view is the hairline of Chuck Schumer.

E-truth carried this picture today.  It shows Senators Reid and Durbin arriving at a press conference with Gina Owens, whose daughter died after losing her job and health care.

Ms. Owens’ story is sad, but I am not convinced it is typical in any sense.  And the outcome was probably unnecessary.  There is help for people in desperate circumstances.

What is equally troublesome is that this picture illustrates the gap between the left and the right in this country.  It is the gap between irrationality and rationality.  It is the gap between emotion and reality.  And it is a gap between a party that habitually parades the sick and indigent around for political purposes and one that is aware that the real abusers are the people who create these sickening and insincere displays. Obamacare will not change things for people like Ms. Owens.  Reid knows it, Durbin knows it.  Yet they lie to poor souls like Gina Owens in order to use them.  To make them a star for a half hour or so, in order to advance a dictatorial bill that ultimately has very little to do with health.

Ms. Owens’ moment in the sunlight will be over when she no longer serves the Senators’ purpose.  We wish more who have had trouble with the health care system would realize it is the very Senators  they turn to for help who have brought them to this point.

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