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The President’s Hate-speech Against the Private Sector

To us, Barack Obama’s dislike for business, regardless of who his animosity hurts, has been painfully apparent for a very long time.  Today in the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Heninger lays it out for anyone who might have missed it.

Money quote:

The agenda Mr. Obama described at (a speech at) Carnegie Mellon is so vast you’d think he’d at least enlist the private sector’s help. But there’s nothing in the speech’s enumerations to suggest any desire to have them along on these projects. If they contribute or comply, it will be out of intimidation. It’s all him or the government or its “investments.”

Some might say that instead of being a cheerleader for business, Mr. Obama is simply a tough-minded public official holding well-shod feet to the fire. I don’t buy it. His tone and vocabulary, in use since he took office, goes beyond public policy. It sounds personal. Too personal for a president.

Obama continuously reveals an ideological agenda that is devoid of any actual knowledge or experience.  He is a hate-monger against American business, and the people who make the American dream possible.  It has to stop.

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