Joe Donnelly’s ominous warnings about Jackie Walorski aiming to privatize Social Security are nothing but nonsensical distortions designed to needlessly terrorize retirees.

Joe’s TV and radio ads say that Walorski wants to “risk your guaranteed benefits in the stock market” where “up to 40 percent” of retirement could be lost. Let’s see, government has essentially stolen 100 percent of your retirement and Joe is talking about guarantees? Even in a down market, it seems like the stock market would have been safer.

In any case, the last time privatization came up in Congress, these same scare tactics were used. In fact, only a small portion of Social Security was to have been privatized and only if the individual wanted to participate. Even a partial privatization would have injected a huge amount of additional capital into the economy, which could only be a good thing. Yet the left disingenuously claims this is risky since their powerbase depends on continued confiscation and mismanagement of our money.

Donnelly isn’t talking too much about his own record, which is why he’s on the attack. After voting for TARP, the so-called “stimulus” bill and the disastrous health care bill, he has no claim to being a fiscal conservative. (So much for being a Blue Dog Democrat). Yet he implies Walorski is reckless and irresponsible? Time to go, Joe.

Published in The Elkhart Truth today as well.