Today a federal judge ruled that the insurance mandate aspect of Obamacare is unc0nstitutional, according to this story at Bl0omberg.  This is great news, although it doesn’t mean the fight is over.  If a combination of the courts and the incoming House can cripple this evil bill, it will continue to be good news.  If the GOP wimps out as it has in the past, we’re in big trouble. 

We’d like to see a ruling on whether the congress actually has the authority to insist that insurance companies provide coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.  While we’d like to see all people taken care of, this can’t possibly work.  Insurance is based on transferrence of risk.  Insurance companies accept risk based on what a basically the odds of something happening or not.  Obamacare basically says the insurance companies have to bet on everybody, regardless of performance.  This is ridiculous, as every bookie knows.  No one places bets on lame horses. 

We believe the best ways to provide health care are to:

  1. Keep government out of the mix, because government ALWAYS makes things more expensive (and corrupt)
  2. Institute substantial tort reform, which will reduce the costs of defensive medicine and malpractice insurance,  and prevent lawyers from second-guessing doctors.
  3. Did we say to get government out of healthcare?

Conservatives have been chastised, (rightly) for excoriating Obamacare as socialism while defending Medicare.  Both programs inevitably create overutilization of medicals services, and drive costs up.  Conservatives should be consistent, but unfortunately it’s political suicide to say anything about the Medicare sacred cow.  Unfortunately, that’s a bud that should have been nipped in the 60s. 

The conservative position should be that expansion of socialism in America is not only undesirable, it’s morally wrong, even while admitting that Medicare is probably at the root of some of the cost problems we have now.

In any case, the fight isn’t over, but today’s ruling makes the future sound a little better, if the GOP doesn’t go wobbly on us.