Washington Post reports: Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill.

Well of course.  It has been apparent to us for some time that the Obama administration is in favor of anything that continues to drag this economy into the ditch.  It is consistent with his basic view that America is unexceptional, immoral and needs to be taught a lesson.  It is consistent with his lack of support for Mubarak (our ally) in Egypt, leading to his defeat by a so-called democracy movement that now appears to be embracing theocracy.  It is consistent with his reaction to the police investigation of a possible break-in at the home of a black Harvard professor, a situation he actually knew very little about before he commented.  So why not side with the unions, since every fiber of his being says unions need to win at all costs.  Ever the street corner organizer, Obama backs the thugs.

Wisconsin’s current governor is making decisions that should have been made long ago under less stressful circumstances, but the various public service unions, and in particular teachers’ unions wouldn’t hear of it (see video below).  Now, faced with the current situation, they wish to “negotiate” with a state government that’s too broke to make ANY promises.  Too little cooperation, way too late.
Their answer?  Skip work with a statewide “sick-in” and go chanting at the statehouse.

Our answer?  We don’t pretend to understand the State of Wisconsin’s specific budget issues, but here’s one suggestion.  Every teacher who lied to skip work should be docked for the days missed and suspended for a week.  In addition, all teachers who participated in the sick-in should be required to tell their students they lied and to apologize.  Such teachers are not role models.

Collective bargaining by public employees has given rise to a block of workers with the ability to raise our taxes as they hold us hostage to their rules and regulations.  This is wrong, and it is costly.  For that matter public sector unions are generally problematic, but aren’t teachers intelligent enough to negotiate their own salaries and benefits without paying dues to unions that are at the heart of our educational system’s destruction?