Writing for  Big Government, Mike Flynn lays it out.  Unions have been a positive force in many ways, but even pro-labor icons like FDR and George Meany knew they couldn’t work in the public sector.  In essence, the public sector union, to borrow a phrase from Marx (which we almost NEVER do), carries with it the seeds of its own destruction.  Because public sector unions negotiate with politicians, their entire structure becomes part of the political process.  They support politicians with forced union dues, which ultimately come from contracts that negotiate how the taxpayers’ money is used.

We have reached a point at which covering the bill run up by unions and their stable of politicians can only mean ever increasing, unsustainable tax burdens.  Flynn’s concise money-quote:

This is the central problem with public sector unions. They get to use taxpayer money to elect their bosses and they get to use taxpayer money to convince their bosses to give them more taxpayer money.

There’s more here, so read up. This corrupt setup has to end, which is why unions like the SEIU are becoming more adamant that it doesn’t.