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After a near-miss, Joe Donnelly shoots for the Senate

Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd

Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd

Joe Donnelly won reelection last November by a very narrow margin, and probably won only because Jackie Walorski’s campaign (and candidacy) was fairly unstellar.  Donnelly’s win was not a squeaker, but was much closer than he probably expected.

Taking his drop in popularity as a sign, Donnelly has now decided to run for U.S. Senate, hoping to unseat Richard Lugar in 2012.  We’re not always in agreement with Lugar, but he’s still far better than the phony Blue Dog Donnelly, whose votes for the Obama health care bill,  TARP and so-called “stimulus” packages (also known as union bail-outs) are already taking their toll on our economy and our freedoms.

We’ll talk more about this as the campaigns get closer, but it seems to us that Donnelly is running from his record in our district only to impose it more widely in the US Senate.  We shouldn’t let him.

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