Joe Donnelly: He knows more about light bulbs than you do.
Joe Donnelly: He knows a lot more about light bulbs than you do.

Joe Donnelly, ever the phony Blue Dog, today voted against HR 2417, which would have repealed the phase-out and banning of incandescent light bulbs in favor the more dangerous and less-popular CFL bulbs.

The alternative to Edison’s light bulb is the mercury-loaded compact flourescent, which does have some advantages but is not preferred by most consumers. And, it’s a far bigger environmental hazard than the incandescent bulb.

None of this matters to Nancy Pelosi, who marshalled the Democratic caucus to halt the bill that would have given consumers right to choose the product they prefer. And true to his generally amoral form, Donnelly went along.

Light bulbs may seem like a small issue, but arrogant disregard for peoples’ freedom, desires and the facts is not.  And, as Gateway Pundit explains, Donnelly’s vote helps send more jobs to China, because that’s where the CFLs are made.

We don’t need this guy in the Senate.  He’s done enough damage in the House as it is. Politico has a brief article on the specifics of the bill here.