I’m as big a Beatles fan as anyone, but I recently read a couple articles that make the statement: enough already.  The Beatles have been canonized aplenty, and even though I never stopped loving them, I recognize that maybe there were some other pop/rock bands that made some pretty good tunes.  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has appeared at the top of lists of the best albums “of all time,” pretty much since it first appeared in 1967.  But is it? Really?  Depends on who you talk to.  I actually wasn’t crazy about the album when I first purchased it, but it grew on me.  Today, the Beach Boys’ magnum opus Pet Sounds seems to have highest honors, and in many ways, it deserves it.

The point is, there isn’t any “greatest of all time” anything.  In the spirit of fairness, here’s a list of what I would vote as the worst songs the Beatles ever recorded — commenters , you can add your own.

  • Blue Jay Way – Absolute worst thing they ever recorded — boring, snoring drivel.
  • Dear Prudence – From the White Album — just boring and droning.
  • Don’t Let Me Down – I don’t know why I don’t like this — it’s boring, for sure, and not nearly as badly written as some others, but it seems like a throwaway tune to me.
  • Love Me Do – No tune, with harmonica backing.
  • Good Night – Ringo sings this, which is not always a good thing, but that’s not the main problem.  It’s a syrupy, draggy amorphous blob, with too much orchestra behind it.
  • The Long and Winding Road — same problem as Good Night. Phil Spector’s orchestration ruined an ok song, but there’s just no energy in this one.
  • Long, Long, Long — a Harrison song off the White Album.  Weak whiny vocal, and a melody that just drifts around.
  • Dizzy Miss Lizzy — nice energy but boring.  It’s a Little R
  • The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
  • Yer Blues
  • Taxman