The Politico today says that Newt won’t quit, even though he’s likely to lose Florida,  and I don’t think he should. I’m not sure he’s the best candidate against Obama, but if he stays in, he’ll make Romney a better candidate. Romney has already gotten better from a debate standpoint.  Romney has had to come up with better, more succinct ways of making his case, and despite the bruising Newt and Mitt are giving each other, it’s all good.

One point in Newt’s favor is that, by pulling out all the stops to get Newt to quit, Romney may have exhausted his ammo, inoculating Newt against further, less aggressive attacks. From the Politico today:

“I would define Newt’s head space as: ‘Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning,’” said David Lane, the Christian conservative leader close to Gingrich, quoting Churchill. “They’ve unloaded everything on him now.”

There are many who think all the negative campaigning is bad.  To the extent that it’s dishonest, neither do I, but I think it does serve the purpose of vetting candidates where the news media won’t.  In a fight for the soul of America, you don’t want any wimps.


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