Mr. Hyde (Tony Venable) in his first meeting with love interest Elizabeth Jelkes (Kaitrin Higbee).

Dave is the director of Elkhart Civic Theatre‘s current show, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, so there’s a little bias in this review.  But overall, it IS a pretty darn good show, if Dave says so himself.  A great cast, excellent lighting and stage management by Randy Zonker, appropriately spooky music and maybe even a little bit of the Halloween season come together to make this a nice fall chiller.

Interesting twist on this show is that Hyde is alternatively (and at some points concurrently) by four actors, who also play multiple other characters.  The minimal set keeps the action moving along as well.  So far audiences have been very responsive.  Even our normally staid senior-citizens night audience audibly gasped at the Act I closing action.

Anyway, consider this a biased recommendation, but if you’d like tickets, call 848-5853 during the week, or buy online at The show ends next weekend.