A couple years ago, I picked up a keyring video camera, which I still have. It’s a fun little item, disguised as one of those keyless entry remotes for cars.  It has decent quality for both the audio and video.  We once strapped it to Jill Windy’s dog Gunner and let him run around the RVNN studio one afternoon.  But it’s not a regular thing.

Today I was browsing  Ebay and noticed a wider array of sneaky-pete video cameras than I’d seen before.  Cameras built into pens were kind of interesting.  Then I saw the one shown here, built into a coat hook. There were a number of sellers listing these so they must be pretty popular, but I wasn’t initially sure why.   It took me a minute to realize what this configuration is good for, and then it dawned on me.  Changing rooms.

Yes, this product appears to be marketed for the retail clerk/pervert who has time on his hands and a chance to plant one of these in a changing room.  Then at the end of the workday, he can grab it, go home and giggle away in his basement watching his prey on a computer, and possibly (probably) posting the video on the internet for others.

Privacy is gone in today’s world, so be aware that if you’re anywhere in public, it’s not just the security cameras that may be watching.