To the extent possible, I’m going to start commenting here on the arts and political matters.  I don’t intend to be incendiary, but the fact is, the political climate today appears to me to be the hysterical vs the less hysterical.  Donald Trump is not the best president we’ve ever had but he will not be the worst.  That honor, in my opinion goes to Barack Obama.  And, most likely, had Hillary Clinton been elected, it would have been her dishonor.  The Democrat Party has become a combination of warring factions, dishonest radicals, and opportunistic sleazeballs, all of whom really don’t much like America as a free-enterprise economic engine of prosperity.  The GOP has been a load of spineless (don’t fight with the black guy or they’ll call you a racist) cowards throughout the disastrous Obama presidency.  Trump, for better or worse, is changing the game.

So I’ll probably have some things to say about all this from time to time.