Elkhart Review

Elkhart Review was started as an alternative, decidedly free-market voice in Northern Indiana, on local, regional and national issues.


Launching in May, 2008, the Elkhart Review Podcast is a companion to this website. The feed is below, or, subscribe on ITunes by going the iTunes Store and searching for “Elkhart Review.”

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Dave Dufour

Contact Dave at davedufour (at) gmail.com or follow him on Twitter: @davedufour .

Our Founder Dave Dufour is an advertising consultant, web designer & developer and avid amateur theatre actor and director. A graduate of Indiana University and Syracuse University in the Journalism and Advertising programs, respectively, Dave has used his skill for clients in a wide variety industries. He lives in Elkhart County with his wife, Michele, and (depending on the season) his children, Paige and Dylan. On April 9, 2010, his oldest daughter, Demarée, gave birth to his first grandchild, Anya Lynn.

Among his important influences are (not necessarily in this order):

      • His parents and grandparents
      • Michele Morgan-Dufour
      • His children
      • Ayn Rand
      • Superman
      • The Beatles
      • George Gershwin
      • Dave Miller
      • William F. Buckley
      • James Bond
      • Greg Huebner
      • Jimmy Stewart
      • Prof. Harold Hill
      • Mark Levin
      • Maxwell Smart
      • Chris DuFour
      • Muhammed Ali
      • The Marx Brothers
      • Randy Zonker
      • Allen Norris
      • John Shoup & John Shoup
      • Thomas Jefferson
      • Leslie Torok
      • Milton Friedman
      • Virgil Slush