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Are we going to freak out every time Trump does what he said he would do?

Good article from Investors Business Daily: http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/are-we-going-to-freak-out-every-time-trump-does-what-he-promised/

I’m back.

To the extent possible, I’m going to start commenting here on the arts and political matters.  I don’t intend to be incendiary, but the fact is, the political climate today appears to me to be the hysterical vs the less hysterical.  Donald Trump is not the best president we’ve ever had but he will not be the worst.  That honor, in my opinion goes to Barack Obama.  And, most likely, had Hillary Clinton been elected, it would have been her dishonor.  The Democrat Party has become a combination of warring factions, dishonest radicals, and opportunistic sleazeballs, all of whom really don’t much like America as a free-enterprise economic engine of prosperity.  The GOP has been a load of spineless (don’t fight with the black guy or they’ll call you a racist) cowards throughout the disastrous Obama presidency.  Trump, for better or worse, is changing the game.

So I’ll probably have some things to say about all this from time to time.

Photo Gallery: East Germany’s Transformation

Photo Gallery: East Germany’s Transformation – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International.

For those who have any sort of sympathy with the anti-capitalist memes of the OWS gang, here’s a very revealing gallery published by Der Spiegel. It’s a  great comparison of the old communist East Germany and today, a little over 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  These pictures of  transformation of the country after free markets returned tells the story.

Kiss of Death Dept.

Geithner Says Europe Will Succeed

Headline in the Wall Street Journal

When has this guy ever been right?

via Geithner Presses Europe for Solution – WSJ.com.

If you’re ticked off at banks, this actually makes some sense

Occupy Wall Street has made little sense to us from its inception — Wall Street is, in our opinion, not nearly as culpable in the current economic downturn as are Fannie, Freddie, Chris and Barney.  But where banks have done wrong (and there are some good arguments here), we applaud the “vote with your feet” method of voicing consumer displeasure.  This from the AP:

A grassroots movement that sprang to life last month is urging bank customers to close their accounts in favor of credit unions by Saturday.

The spirit behind “Bank Transfer Day” caught fire with the Occupy Wall Street protests around the country and had more than 79,000 supporters on its Facebook page as of Friday. The movement has already helped beat back Bank of America’s plan to start charging a $5 debit card fee.

via News from The Associated Press.

What we find ironic, however, is that the leftist/Marxists of the OWS protests are getting actual traction from a purely free-market solution, i.e., if you don’t like it, don’t support it.  No company wants to lose customers.  If your bank displeases you, pull your account.

The Solyndra scandal should never have happened

Dick Morris reports on how the Solyndra scandal goes pretty much to the top, but here’s what we think is the ultimate point: Governement subsidies in the “green jobs” are morally and economically indefensible. Here’s Dick:

The Solyndra scandal is a gift that keeps on giving. It shows that not only was Obama’s stimulus package and baloney about green jobs a fraud but that it was also good old Chicago politics at work.

And the entire concept of the loan program is bogus. How can you make an energy company that is not viable work by lending it money? If the program can generate energy at competitive prices, why would it need federal aid? And, if it can’t, how would it ever be able to repay the federal loan?


Have Europe’s wealthy jumped the shark?

Tax Me More, Europe’s Wealthy Say – NYTimes.com. First it’s Warren Buffett, now this.  For most of these folks (check the article), they have the option of paying more if they really want to, so why don’t they?  Hitting the super-rich with more taxes plays well at cocktail parties and down at the union hall, but it has no real benefit in terms of easing government deficits long term.  That’s because even if we flat-out confiscated all the money the glitterati have, it wouldn’t go that far.

Real fiscal reform that’s long lasting is what’s needed, and it simply means the government stops spending and stops casting smaller increases as “cuts” in the budget.

This article is, in our opinion, a semi-fabrication in service of a political agenda, and it’s a drumbeat the NY Times has been playing for a while now . It’s goofy on its face — if the super rich want to be taxed more, they can simply send the IRS more money.  But they don’t.  So how serious can this be?

Elkhart County’s Job Growth Leads the Nation | RV Business

Elkhart County’s Job Growth Leads the Nation | RV Business.