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The lawsuit culture strikes Twitter

Marian Wang comments in Chicago Now.  Horizon Group Management sues one of its tenants for a negative comment she distributed to her followers on Twitter.

According to the complaint filed in Cook County court today, Bonnen “maliciously and wrongfully published the false and defamatory Tweet on Twitter, thereby allowing the Tweet to be distributed throughout the world.”

Bonnen has 20 followers on Twitter.

The idea of exchanging ideas online is threatened if this nonsense is allowed to stand.  Lawyers.  Sheesh.

Crisis du Jour Anyone?

Lack of crisis prompts Parade Magazine to invent new crisis: quality child care | I Hate the Media – Fun with Liberal Media Bias.

Cato Institute dissects the infomercial

It is critical that the real story about our current healthcare problems are presented, and that the public understand exactly what can happen with a socialized plan. Our government, and in fact, most of the news media are refusing to discuss the downsides.

This video by the Cato Institute is a short point-by-point examination of the ABC “infomercial” that ran last week.

New creativity podcast launched

creativelicenselogo_300Dave Dufour has launched a new podcast, Creative License exploring the creative process, idea generation and inspiring creativity in business and our personal lives.

Episode 1 is up and available at Creative License, or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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