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Elco becoming the Lerner little by little

Elco Theater from High Street

Since we’re downtown fairly frequently, it’s interesting to see the slow but sure progress being made on the Elco Theater, which, once refurbished, will be renamed the Lerner Theater (its original name).  A lot of the work on the Elco is being done inside where it can’t be seen, so the biggest attention getter is the construction of the adjacent building which will accomodate meeting/ballroom among other things.  The construction requires blocking off Franklin East of Main for a couple blocks, which makes it slightly problematic for access and parking at the IUSB Elkhart Center right next door.  But it’s not too bad.

Pamela Geller on statism, Islamofascism and the left

Friends of Uncle Joe Donnelly

Some insights into the tactics of SEIU. SEIU is now running advertising in support of Joe Donnelly and his vote for the House healthcare bill.

The Health Care Bill and Uncle Joe

On Saturday night the Democrat House squeaked through a monstrous bill that, if enacted, will destroy our healthcare system and our economy, while increasing the power and tenure, of the party in power.  And Joe Donnelly voted for it.

Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd

Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd

Donnelly explained his vote by saying: “Ultimately, I believe meaningful reform is about honoring the sanctity of human life — ensuring decency in care for both the living and the unborn. . .With that in mind, I have worked with my pro-life colleagues for weeks to get a stronger anti-abortion amendment added to the bill.”

This is sweet-sounding gobbledy-gook that Donnelly hopes will play with single-issue voters.  But if Donnelly really believed the main problem with the Waxman-Markey bill was the abortion provision, he should think again.  Given the fact that this bill spends over a trillion dollars, doesn’t reduce costs, reduces benefits and doesn’t even insure all the people it’s meant to insure, it’s hard to believe Donnelly is this dumb.

Perhaps what convinced him to vote against the Constitution was the AMA endorsement — purchased with a promise NOT to reduce Medicare payments to doctors.  Or maybe it was the 11th-hour AARP endorsement, purchased with the reduction of the Medicare Advantage program, the primary competitor to AARP’s own Medigap coverage.

The House Bill is 2,000 pages no one had time to read (deja vu), passed on a Saturday night when most of the country isn’t looking.  It’s a bill that is more about power and creating a permanent Democrat majority than it is about solving healthcare cost problems.

If Donnelly is proud of this, he’d better savor it now. Because unless I miss my guess, he and all the other politicians who voted against our freedoms and against the Constitution won’t have too many more moments like this to enjoy.

Expansion of Medicaid could impose costs on Ohio

Expansion of Medicaid could impose costs on Ohio | Columbus Dispatch Politics.

Michiana 9/12 Project

Michiana 9/12 Project has launched a new website tied into Meetup and Facebook.

The 9/12 Project is a national movement with chapters across the country, dedicated to principles of liberty, capitalism and family values.

We attended one of the group’s (overflowing) meetings at the Bristol, IN American Legion Post, and were impressed with the passion and dedication of the group, not to mention its good-naturedness in the face of the biggest assault on our freedom that has ever been tried.  We didn’t count, but the crowd numbered at least 150. There weren’t many empty chairs, in any case.

Dr. John Gaski of Notre Dame was the featured speaker for the evening.  Gaski is an economist who laid bare the fraud that runs rampant in the Obama plans for health care and other things, and reduced a number of leftist myths (almost) to laughability.  A great time was had by all, even if some of the humor borders on gallows humor.

A large contingent of the Michiana group is heading to DC to “march on Washington” on 9/12.  For information about the group, and to join, check out their website and get involved.  It’s important.

How to cough. Your tax dollars at work.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

The limits of trust

Dick Morris reports elderly support for Obama care is tanking.